ED medications with high blood pressure

ED and high blood pressure medications

ED medications with high blood pressureIn this review of ED medications with high blood pressure we look at the more common side effects of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. We pay particular attention to possible side effects when patients take ED medications and high blood pressure medications together.

It’s a fact that taking high blood pressure medications can cause or even increase ED. This explains why many men are seeking to use ED medications with high blood pressure medications.

As explained below, taking ED medications with high blood pressure medications is not always a good idea. However, it is important to point out that ED medications do not increase blood pressure. The concern is just the opposite. Taking ED medications with some high blood pressure drugs can actually cause blood pressure to drop too low.

ED pills price comparison

Similarity of ED medication side effects – vasodialation

Due to the fact that the first PDE5 inhibitor tested and approved for use, Viagra, was a high blood pressure medication under testing.

One such effect is vasodilation, or a widening / dilatation of the blood vessels. All three well-known ED tablets, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra can cause vasodilation.

As an effect of vasodilation, additional side effects such as muscle pain, blocked nose, cephalalgia and upset stomach can manifest.

One more undesirable side effect of Levitra, Viagra or Cialis is hypo-tension resulting in feeling faint and lack of stamina.

This side effect is more likely if men take ED tablets and the potassium blocker Nicorandil or nitrates in combination. Experts recommend that you do not take ED tablets if you are currently taking Nicorandl or nitrates.

ED medications and cardiovascular disease

Previous examinations indicated that the use of ED tablets are effective with patients who have diabetes, clinical depression and heart disease.

All 3 ED medications could benefit men with ED and high blood pressure provided they do not use nitrates at the same time.

There is over 70% positive result for subjects who uses an ED medication who were also at risk for cardiovascular illness.

Viagra and Alpha blockers

A warning stays however regarding using Viagra while taking alpha blockers for high blood pressure. Combining these treatments together increases the risk of bringing on low blood pressure.

Men should stop taking Viagra above 25mg who are also taking alpha-blocker tablets daily.

Many believe Levitra (Vardenafil) is probably beneficial for ED sufferers with high blood pressure and heart disorders.But there not yet final lab study results to back this correlation.

Alpha blockers and Levitra

Health professionals do not recommend combining alpha blockers with Levitra.  At least not before the patient has maintained a fixed regime of alpha blocker intake and their health levels are constant.

In these situations experts suggest that the maximum dose of Levitra is 5mg. One should not use even this modest dose of this ED medication within 6 hours of ingesting an alpha blocker.

As with Vardenafil, Cialis demonstrates similar results for patients with ED and high blood pressure as well as cardiovascular illness problems.

EU recommendations mandate men should not use alpha blockers and Cialis at the same time.

Despite this, a test using around 20 men indicated that Cialis had little if any impact on blood pressure.

ED medications and diabetes

ED medicationss like Cialis, Levitra and Viagra are beneficial for patients who have erectile dysfunction and diabetes.

Over 50% of the patients of this group claimed improvement in erectile function after using Viagra.

Amounts of Sidenafil (Viagra) ranged between 25mg and 100mg. This provided the subjects of this study a choice what they felt to be suitable arising from how beneficial the dosages were in curing impotence and how well the men tolerated Sildenafil.

In alternate studies, the same benefits where had with Cialis and Levitra with a 20 mg strength with who suffered from both ED and diabetes. Studies revealed a 70% success for Tadalafil (Cialis) and a 66% success rate with Levitra.

Other ED medication side effects – visual impairment

Studies indicated that a few users have experienced NAION, which can bring about a temporal visual impairment in a single or both eyes.

As a result the American FDA has regulated that all instructions to advise health professionals to phase out in delivering ED medications to patients who undergo temporary vision impairment.

But note, there has yet to be cast-iron study results that conclusively tie in the taking of ED medications with short-term visual impairment.

Additionally, there are distinctions in selectivity between Cialis and the other two PDE5 inhibitors, Viagra and Levitra in use.

The distinction in chemical characteristics between Cialis and Viagra / Levitra may account for the discrepancies in adverse side effects, when it comes to explaining adverse side-effects in visual perception.

Role of PDE6

In short, both Viagra and Levitra also inhibit PDE6 as well as PDE5. PDE6 is an enzyme associated with sight.

Both Viagra and Levitra sometimes causing the side effect of visual impairment. It can sometimes manifest as blurred vision or a bluish tinge to the visual field or both.

Neither of these side effects are life-threatening. It wears off with the effects of the erectile dysfunction medication.

Cialis, which uses the PDE5 inhibitor Tadalafil, has no tendency to affect PDE6. Hence it has no side effect on vision.

Failure to respond to ED medications

Some test-subjects who have chronic erectile dysfunction don’t respond positively to ED medications.

Lab Tests studying failure to respond levels of Ed tablets generally do not mark it down a permanent unresponsiveness. Not until the maximum potency of each ED tablet is ingested for seven consecutive times.

In one test, failure to respond to Viagra switched to success after counseling for a little more than 50% of the users.

Sexual arousal is essential for ED tablets to work.

Patients who are lack responsiveness to one ED tablet experience success to other ED tablets. The reason is still unknown.

Some users who experience response failure to ED tablets initially discover that a constant use to oral erectile dysfunction treatments can result in a reduction of impotence severity over a period of time.

A considerable number of men fail to respond to ED medications, namely, Cialis, Viagra or Levitra, due to androgen hormone deficiency.

Hormone replacement

For these men experts recommend hormone replacement procedure. After which most ED tablets work for most users.

Experts generally recommend that referral to sexologists is the best next step for those men who fail to respond sufficiently to Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil.

Preferences for Cialis over Levitra and Viagra

One study measured users preference between Viagra and Cialis a blind lab study utilizing 200 subjects. The doses were a flexible dose of Viagra and 20mg of Cialis.

Those using Viagral began with 50 mg with the ability to up the dose.

Placebos mimicking both PDE5 inhibitor guidelines ensure blindness and impartiality.

Test subjects used Viagra and Cialis with a 3 month crossover from one pill to the other. Over 150 patients were appropriate to decide which Ed tablet they preferred.

Results showed that around 70% of the men preferred Cialis vs Viagra as their chosen ED tablet.

ED pills price comparisonAn additional lab study used Viagra 25mg to 100 mg for 1.5 months, prior to then using Tadalafil 20mg.

This study copied normal laboratory practice. 90% of the test subjects favoured Cialis vs Viagra.

Another study in Ireland also revealed preference for Viagra vs Cialis. Over over 300 subjects participated in the lab study over 3 months.

The initial 2 months used either Viagra or Cialis. Starting with with 25mg or 50mg of Viagra, they were allowed to up the dose to 100mg. The men also began with 10mg of Cialis and were allowed to up the dosage to 20mg.

At the close of 3 months the men had an option on which ED tablet to stay with. 30% of the men chose to stay on Viagra. 70% wanted to continue with Cialis.

Test variables not relevant

The men’s selections was not influenced by:

  • the order or sequence of testing,
  • severity of erectile dysfunction suffered previously,
  • the men’s age or
  • strength of PDE5 inhibitor requested.

3% of the test subjects dropped out due to negative side effects.  0.07%t discontinued the lab study on account of no positive result.

The two studies clearly show that users choose their favourite erectile dysfunction tablet founded on effects experienced.

Note the differences in duration and influence of some food upon the performance of Viagra and Cialis.

ED medication side effects review conclusion

Following from the popularity of Cialis, Viagra and Levitra, the difficulty and cost to get these ED tablets are reduced.

These 3 most popular PDE5 blockers are a cheap method to cure ED. Being effective for a far longer period, Cialis could be considered the most low cost ED tablet.

ED tablets remain the most successful, straightforward to use, and cost-effective choice. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, have similar effects. They are beneficial and well-tolerated by the over 90% of men.

The Viagra vs Levitra vs Cialis debate is seemingly endless. By preference, Cialis is the clear winner. It should be noted that ED tablet comparisons indicate that sometimes Vardenafil and Sildenafil are more suitable.

ED medications are compatible with high blood pressure. Too low a blood pressure, or hypo-tension, is the problem if ED medications with high blood pressure drugs are combined.  This is particularly true for nitrates and Nicorandil. There is no evidence that ED tablets cause an increase in high blood pressure.