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Buy Spedra online a.k.a Avanafil

buy cheap spedra onlineLooking for the best place to buy Spedra online?

There are a few UK pharmacies where you can buy Spedra online, but not that many of them are cheap.

This is because they sell brand name Spedra, but you can get it much cheaper if you a generic version.

Spedra (Avanafil) price comparison

Spedra 50mg (Avanafil)

Spedra 50 contains 50mg of PDE5 inhibitor Avanafil allowing men who suffer from ED to experience sufficient erections for up to 5 hours when sexually stimulated. Avanafil is known for its rapid action rate becoming effective 1o to 15 minutes after ingestion. Spedra is also sold as Stendra.

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PharmacyDeliverySpedra price per tabletOrder page
Airmail £6.95
(Free for orders over £133).
Express & trackable £19.95
50mg from £1.67
100mg from £2.04
buy Spedra online

The generic form of Spedra is Avanafil, which is simply the name of its key ingredient.

It’s marketed as Spedra in Europe (by Menarini) and as Stendra in the US (by Vivus Inc). Generic versions are mostly sold as Avanafil, or others are called Avana.

Best Place to Buy Spedra Online

As I mentioned, to get truly cheap Spedra online, you’re best to go for generic Spedra / Avanafil. This is generally available from internationally based pharmacies, but not from UK ones, it appears.

In the price comparison table below, I’ve listed prices for generic Spedra and brand name Spedra, sold in the UK. So you can see for yourself where is the best place to buy Spedra online.

In the UK, Spedra is a prescription-only medicine. From the pharmacies listed here allow you to do an online consultation during checkout. You need this to get medical approval for your order.

Usually you find out right away if your order’s approved. Sometimes you have to wait a few hours for an email confirmation.

Genuine Generics sell generic Spedra – Avanafil, while Pharmacy 2U and Online Clinic sell only brand name Spedra.

How to buy Spedra online

buy spedra onlineThe more Spedra / Avanafil you buy, the cheaper the price per tablet.

50mg is considered the starting dose, according to these pharmacy websites, so you could buy 100mg tablets and split them in two for 50mg doses.

The only down side in this particular instance is that it’s only the brand name Spedra which is available in 200mg doses.

Spedra online vs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra

Spedra / Avanafil is the same type of medicine as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil, to give them their generic names) – but the main difference is it acts much faster.

For the others, you need to take them at least an hour before intercourse (although Cialis/Tadalafil can take effect within about half an hour).

However, with Spedra, you can feel the effects within 10-12 minutes. Sometimes it does take a bit longer, but no more than half an hour.

So Spedra is much better if you like to be spontaneous and not have to plan an hour ahead when you want to get it up!

It lasts for about the same amount of time as Viagra/Sildenafil – about 4-5 hours.

I hope this has helped to find the best deal when you buy Spedra online. As always, check the product instructions thoroughly before taking, and see your doctor first for any questions. I’m not a doctor myself, just a provider of shopping information!

Buy Spedra Online Price Comparison

There are no UK based pharmacies in this price comparison chart because, despite the popularity of Spedra / Avanafil in the UK, we have failed to find any UK online pharmacy such as Lloyds or Dr Fox, that make it available to buy Spedra onlne, apart from Online Clinic listed below. Mainstream online pharmacies only deal in branded medication, hence the higher price (paying extra for the name, not the drug).

These patent regulations also prohibit UK pharmacies from selling generic Cialis and generic Levitra. The patent on Viagra expired in the UK in June 2013. See low generic Viagra prices available from many off shore and UK based online pharmacies at the Generic Viagra Price Comparison Chart.