Boots ED programme review

Boots ED Programme – good or bad?

boots ed programmeUnlike most pharmacies with an on-line presence, the Boots ED programme does not provide an on-line consultation.

Nor can one purchase ED tablets from Boots on-line pharmacy website.

Boots ED programme does however allow people to book an appointment with one of their in-house consultants. You can discuss any erectile dysfunction condition you may have, provided you are between the ages of 30 and 65.

Why people 66 and above are not eligible for the Boots ED programme is not clear.

You also need to be registered with a doctor. This of course begs the question why you would pay £55 for a consultation with a Boots pharmacist. You could just go to your doctor for free.

For more detailed information, see the Boots ED programme box below. It gives an overview of the Boots ED erectile dysfunction treatment programme. It leaves many unanswered questions.

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bots ed service text

In pharamcy consultation required

Clearly there is an a lengthy and stringent screening process for the Boots ED service.

The naive might say it is to ensure that Boots Erectile Dysfunction treatments are not given to the wrong people. They may claim it would be too dangerous to let people decide for themselves.

A cynical person might say that the Boots ED programme is simply preying on our fears. Doing so ensures they garner a loyal ED treatment customer base.  This customer list will continue to pay for their ED treatments regardless of cost.

So what does the Boots ED programme (called the Boots ED Service) cost?

Take a look at the Boots ED programme table information table below:

bootsED service information box

Is Boots ED programme exploitative?

So first you have to go to your local Boots pharmacy and after a ‘discussion’ you fill in their pre-screening questionnaire.

If you pass, you have to go back for further consultations with a Boots pharmacist. You have to pay £55 for this. Then are you are expected to confess and lament all your failings in between the sheets.

If you can convince them you are sufficiently impotent you’ll get 4 tablets as a reward. (There is no mention of what tablets they are providing or what strength.) As you can see from the third column, this will hopefully progress to you becoming a repeat their customer. They become your sole supplier of “sex pills” no matter how much they may overcharge you.

The fact that Boots ED programme does not publish either the type of ED tablets they have available nor the prices they charge makes me suspicious that they are price-gouging.

If they are charging a fair price for ED tablets, why won’t they publish them? The only price they give is “from £26.59”. For a pill? For a day? Meaningless prices meant to pull the wool over our eyes in my opinion.

So to sum up, if you are a loyal Boots shopper and you want to try out Boots ED programme, you will simply have to skip along to your local Boots pharmacy to request and fill out their ‘pre-screening’ questionnaire to get the ball rolling. I don’t think you can order a pre-screening questionnaire. If you want to try, here’s the link:

If however, you just want a reliable source of erectile dysfunction tablets at a reasonable price, take a look at our price comparison charts, links below:

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